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Go Vegan Recipe Mastery Program

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📕Are you tired of low vibrational plates and toxic recipes that aren’t bringing you to the healing you know is possible ? 

why not save your money in exercise and needless doctor visits, by taking command of your health and making it your wealth.

The truth is we are only

Making 2️⃣ decisions everyday

of our lives and that is

What we feed our mouths 

& what we feed our minds

And with The Go Vegan Mastery Program ™️ 📕

We intend to help you master both 

📖The #govegan mastery program is a 9️⃣ week course where you get our DIY Chef Book + 9️⃣ Vegan Recipes + Weekly Food consultations with ourselves and other vegan masters who are transforming the way we do food every single day. we master each recipe in our cookbook within the week. 


With your purchase you automatically receive: 

Starter Pack Membership

  • 📕DIY Vegan Chef Book + 9 Recipes By Kyara & Michael Ofuani 
  • 📚The Balanced Life by Kyara Ofuani
  • Weekly Vegan PDFs (food planner, food list)

Premium Pack Membership

  • Everything in Starter Pack Membership +
  • 📚 The Most Dangerous Secret By Michael Ofuani
  • 📚 The Art Of The Crypto Rich By Michael Ofuani
  •  Weekly Video Consultations ( We cook with you if you are unable to do it by yourself)

The Go Vegan Mastery Program ™️ Is divided into two tiers of the Premium Pack Membership($27) + Starter Pack Membership ($19).

Normally each book alone cost $9

But if you go with the premium you get 1 additional mind book plus a weekly video consultations to make sure you are cooking your recipes proper.

Think about how much money in medical bills and exercise you will save by transforming your body with the natural plants and herbs that are for the healing of our entire nation.