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Mixing & Mastering Package

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How much value do you receive from our Mixing and Mastering Package?

For $49, you receive your awesome audio track engineered by our team of expert Audio engineers who consistently deliver the best sound and quality to take your musical skills to the next level! 

Using primarily Logic Pro X, our audio engineers help you produce a recording or live performance into the masterpiece you envisioned in your head. Audio engineers work on the technical aspect of recording and production, while you can focus on the performance of an excellent recorded track. Our audio engineers also help produce sound for film, radio, television, music, and video games. 

What is the difference between Mastering & Mixing?

Mixing entails combining various audio tracks to make one cohesive song

Mastering entails putting the finishing touches on a track to have it sound as loud as possible without a loss in the quality of the tracks. 

Both mixing and Mastering are critical steps that must be completed before a song may be shared with your chosen audience. 

What options do I have as a musician in mixing/mastering my chosen track?

One option is for musicians to learn how to master the songs themselves, which would require a home recording studio(which typically far exceeds the cost to have an expert audio engineer master the song for you). Building a home studio is a worthwhile investment, but does not change the amount of time, work, and skills the musician needs to produce a great sound experience.

Another option is to have the songs mastered by one of our chosen audio engineers to save you the time and hassle of creating a more quality audible sound to your mix!

Whichever option you choose make sure that the audio engineer working on your track fully understands the style of music that you are going for and provides appropriate reference tracks to ensure a quality sound!