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Holistic (Business • Legal • Music) Therapy Sessions

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For a 1-hour session, our trusted clients receive access to the holistic counseling sessions of Dr. Michael Ofuani, who is here to meet your BLM (Business Legal Music) therapy needs.

We achieve this process by taking a personal audit of who you have been up to this point in life and help point you in the right direction to whom your higher self strives to be! 

Our solutions to life's problem become clearer as we know thyself.

Which financial goals best fit your financial needs?

Which area of your life do you have emotional/monetary support?

What are the agreements you have? 

Are your insurance woes affecting the way you and your family relationships?

Do you have a plan to continue your intergenerational wealth? 

Schedule your 30 min - 1 Hour meeting with our caring BLM Therapy Counselors for $25 today!