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DIY Vegan Chef & 9 Recipes Book

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DIY like a VEGAN CHEF is all about demystifying the vegan journey with clear proven steps, strategies and recipes that can lower the amount of exercise you need to engage in and save you so much financial trauma as a result of our own decision making.

When Transitioning Vegan, we are only making two decisions everyday, what we put into our mouths and what we put into our minds. The more we take control of what comes in and out of both openings, your mind and your mouth, there you will find your power as you take this powerful step in breakignintergenerstional curses that have been placed on the foods we eat everyday 🌱

Let your health be the dictator of your wealth, as we not only coach you up on how to become your own professional vegan chef, we coach you up so you can also cook your own family healthy meals and they can join you in your journey towards being full alkaline vegan like Dr. Sebi recommended.

From Recipes on Mushroom Burgers, to Alkaline Pizza, to Coconut wild & dirty Rice, there are so many options for you to choose from to make you a healthier person.