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A Balanced Life: The Journey To Wholeness

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What would it take for you to let me help you meet some of your health lifestyle goals

What if I provided you with specific exercises and nutrition plan that will produce results.?

What if I promised to be your coach for every step of the way to a healthy lifestyle, helping you discover your true potential, helping you stay on track, helping you avoid setbacks, and basically do anything and everything I can to help you achieve your objective of building the best version of you.?

The foods we choose to eat largely produce the various non communicable diseases. At least forty percent of all deaths from these kinds of diseases result from the consumption of foods high in saturate and trans fat, salt, and sugar.

Are you selecting your foods wisely and carefully, focusing on a variety of good nutrition within the bounds of your budget?

Simple actions such as cutting back on salt, reducing food portion sizes, and eating more fruits and vegetables can make a big difference to your health.

If you are into junk foods, irregular meals, excessive salt, large amounts of fat, a highly refined food diet or large portions, I want you to know that life can be much healthier and that is why this book is just for you.


Of course to enjoy the best possible health, you should exercise daily. You might say, “I get up off the couch for a snack during every TV commercial, and I walk the 100 feet from the closest park- ing spot to the grocery store.” But do you have a regularly planned, systematic exercise program?

Health professionals encourage us to walk 10,000 steps daily! We should be physically active for at least 30 minutes each day in order for our wonderful body to function at its best.

So if you’re groaning that you’re too busy to exercise, but really want to begin a practical, sustainable exercise program, keep reading.

What about your interpersonal relationships?

Do you have friends you care about, younger people you mentor, individuals in need whom you help?


Social support and connectedness to God and others are also health-giving! Perhaps you have broken relationships in your life that need mending. Keep reading.


God has a plan for you that is far better than you can ever imagine.

Are you happy?

Do you wake up with purpose, walk with “pep in your step,” and have a smile on your face? Or has life become too much?

Are you anxious or downhearted?

Does the future look bleak?

Do you struggle with dark thoughts of meaninglessness, failure, and defeat?

As we explore scientific facts and discover life- changing principles of God that we can universally apply, you will see that the possibility of health and happiness is real.