About Us

Legally Black is co-founded by Dr. Kyara Murry Ofuani, graduate of  Thurgood Marshall school of Law, nonprofit management of Columbia University and political science alumni of Tennessee State University And fellow Thurgood Marshall School Of Law graduate, Dr. Michael Ofuani, where Dr. Mikey & Dr. Ky got engaged. Dr. Michael Is a Technology Lawyer that creates spiritual digital content for social media channels.
Outside of business, Kyara is a board member of two nonprofit organizations: Social Society U and Empowering Change. In working with SSU, Kyara helps high school and middle school students with college preparatory steps such as applications, scholarships, and internship opportunities. In addition, specially introducing the students to a multitude of HBCU connections. 
Kyara is a community leader, as she currently holds the title of Mrs. Black N. Georgia International Ambassador 2023  and held the title Miss Black Texas USA 2021-2022.
She is producing service initiatives centered around food deserts, homelessness, and advocacy for general resources for people of color. Her cause of focus is environmental justice, and the versatile inequities in Environmental and Health. Kyara has a passion for HBCU and has a goal is to increase and strengthen Black HBCU leadership in our communities and teach financial and legal knowledge to the black community. Legally Black Founders continue to serve the community through their nonprofit FREEDOM OF FAITH FOOD BANK; addressing, understanding, and contributing to the resolution of health and environmental disparities in communities of color.
Legally Black Is also co-founded by Dr. Michael Ofuani, graduate of Thurgood Marshall School of law, Finance major alumni of University of Delaware, and former technology business analyst for JP Morgan Chase.

The Legally Black Consulting Firm is a legal and management agency with a footprint in the business, nonprofit and entertainment industry, not just in the United States of America but across the entire globe.

Our focus is in providing a support network between owners and clients in need of business, legal, and financial services and social justice. Our most profitable offering is helping businesses create and finance their marketing campaigns through and by providing consulting towards grants and credits.

The Legally Black Firm is an ambitious innovative new company that is attempting to turn the small business consulting business on its head.